Dallenbach Design

Basil Ryen and I collaborated to create DallenbachDesign.com, a website for the local graphic designer, Laurie Dallenbach. She had created a design for the desktop version of the website so we worked with her to preserve that original vision while adapting it to be easily viewable on a wide range of device sizes.Once we had a finalized design plan, we custom built the website using HTML, CSS and JQuery.

Terra Tokens

TerraTokens.com is a website that Basil Ryen and I created for the talented jeweler Lorrie Wilms. She wanted a website where she could sell and promote her jewelry business. It was important that the website would be something that she could use & easily understand so that she could upload her own products and manage the buying and selling aspect of the business herself.

We were able to build her a simple, yet effective solution on Wordpress using the WooCommerce plug-in.

Testimonials: our clients' words

"As a college professor on a low budget, I've been coding my own web pages since dawn of the Web. Recently I got frustrated while trying to make my online "Handbook of Biological Statistics" adaptive for different devices, so I hired Naomi Touchet. She quickly grasped what I hoped to accomplish, modified my html and css files to do exactly what I wanted, patiently explained what she'd done so that I could understand it and apply it myself in the future, and didn't try to pressure me into a complete, expensive redesign of my 1990s-style web pages. The next time I get stuck, I'm not going to waste my time fumbling around with online tutorials; I'll gladly hire Naomi again."

"Basil and Naomi were great to work with! They were both extremely knowledgeable and responsive, and were very easy to get a hold of to plan in-person meetings or phone discussions about my site. Each has their own personal website-building strength, and they work beautifully together as a team. And if there was ever a question I asked that they could not answer immediately they were able to figure it out in a very timely manner so we could continue moving forward with the project. Both are very driven to succeed and are passionate about their work – I would highly recommend them!"

"I have had a e-commerce website for my jewelry for 3 years now. It has been extremely expensive, complicated to navigate and difficult to add products to. I asked Basil and Naomi to design a simple, clean site that reflects my style of jewelry. I gave them complete design control since I am overwhelmed with making my jewelry. They came up with an amazing design in a very timely manner/fashion. I found that they were both very responsive, full of great ideas and knowledgeable about how to implement them, easy to communicate with and they provided me with a quality site. Besides uploading the images, prices and descriptions of the items I had on hand, both took the time to teach me how to navigate and add products into the site. On top of that they designed a business card that works with my site design. I look forward to hiring them in any future endeavors."